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Surgical Services

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is a specialized, skin-sparing surgery mostly used for skin cancers of the head and neck. It is also utilized for more aggressive skin cancers on the body. In addition to providing the highest cure rate available (98% for primary basal cell carcinoma, for example), it also tends to lead to smaller scars. Traditionally, skin cancers were removed with significant margins to ensure removal of the cancer, however, this left large defects. On the head and neck in particular, these can be difficult to close and leave large, unsightly scars. With Mohs surgery, only the diseased skin is removed, and healthy tissue is left intact. The technique involves checking 100% of the excised margin under the microscope while you wait. If any part of the margin is positive, another layer is taken, but just in the area or areas where skin cancer was still seen. Once all the skin cancer is removed, a closure is often performed. Dr. Ecker and his team are skilled in primary closures, flaps, and grafts. At times, we may recommend that mother nature be allowed to heal in a defect (so called second intention healing).

If Mohs surgery has been recommended, you can download the Mohs Information Pamphlet here:

Standard Excisions

One of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in dermatology is the standard excision or incision. This is used to remove larger moles, warts, skin cancers, cysts, and lipomas, among others.

Cryotherapy and Curettage

This treatment is often used for superficial skin cancers on the body, including superficial basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, in situ. The technique basically involves numbing the area, scraping it, then freezing it with liquid nitrogen. For these kinds of superficial tumors, C&C as it is called is a very effective treatment.


There are many other surgical procedures that we routinely perform. Whether you seek an initial diagnosis or continuation of a treatment plan for an existing condition, we can help. Call today: 612.486.4200.


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