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Welcome to the Minnesota Dermatology Online Consultation Service!

  • Service: Online consultation including photo uploads and secure provider interaction
  • Cost: $75

This secure and HIPAA compliant interface was created with you in mind. Whether you are an existing patient or a new one, as long as you are a resident of Minnesota, you can use this portal. With high deductible plans becoming more prevalent, appointment wait times longer, and your time a scarce resource, this is your solution. Now you can login, describe your condition, upload a few photos through our secure interface, and receive advice from one of our dermatology providers within 2 business days. You no longer have to take time off work to come in for an in-person appointment; you can upload your problem here and get a professional dermatologic opinion from us with little delay. Any necessary prescriptions will be promptly e-prescribed directly to your pharmacy of choice. You can ask follow up questions, and they will be responded to, inclusive of your initial consultation fee. Here are some examples where this service can be especially helpful:

  • You are at college and have a new rash, or your acne flares. You won't be back to your resident state of MN until several months, but you need help from your provider fast. Take a couple photos with your camera or phone and upload them to the portal and get some help in a snap!
  • You are a busy professional or Mom at home and don't have the time to take off of work or can't find childcare, but you would like that mole checked.
  • You have a high deductible and are afraid of what your insurance won't cover with a specialty appointment such as dermatology, but you'd like your psoriasis medications renewed.
  • You have a new-onset rash that is super itchy and you can't wait 2 months for the next available appointment.

There are many other examples where this service can be useful. It may prompt a faster in-office evaluation as well for acute or severe problems as your provider can help triage your problem. Try our online consultation service today, you'll be glad you did!

Start the online consult process now! Click below.


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